“Few have raised as much hell with an acoustic guitar as [Anne Feeney] has.”

-Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine


Anne at the WTO protests in Seattle, WA in November of 1999 (clip from “This is What Democracy Looks Like”)

Wherever the shit hits the fan, that’s where you’ll find Anne!

Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable at the Copenhagen Climate Summit with David Rovics.


Photos taken by Julie Leonardsson [Hi-res PDF]


Short Bio

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Anne Feeney is the granddaughter of an intrepid mineworkers’ organizer, who also used music to carry the message of solidarity to working people. After two decades of community activism and regional performances at rallies, Anne took her message on the road. Since 1991 Anne has traveled to the frontlines in 40 states, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Sweden.
Her anthem “Have You Been to Jail for Justice?” is being performed by Peter, Paul and Mary. Dubbed the “minister of culture” to the movements for economic and social justice and human rights, Anne is “the best labor singer in North America” according to Utah Phillips.

Long Bio

Pittsburgh-based agitator Anne Feeney performs music that she says is
designed to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Not many
women have chosen to walk the path of Woody Guthrie, but Feeney has
made a career of it for the past 35 years. She has lived her life on the
frontlines – performing at thousands of rallies, picket lines and
demonstrations over the years – including the WTO demonstrations in
Seattle, Solidarity Day in Washington, DC, and for 1.5 million at the April 25,
2004 March for Women’s Lives. Feeney’s bottomless songbag draws on Irish,
bluegrass, traditional, labor, pop, folk and contemporary material. She’s as
likely to sing a traditional song or an obscure gem by one of her many
friends in the singer/songwriter circuit as she is one of her own awardwinning
songs. Feeney’s anthem, “Have You Been to Jail for Justice?” is
featured on Peter, Paul and Mary’s CD, “In These Times,” and also on “Carry
It On,” – their 5 CD boxed set. That song was also featured in “Get Up/Stand
Up: The History of Pop and Protest,” a documentary featuring the greatest
protest songs of all time, which aired nationally on PBS, and worldwide.

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Notable Moments

  • winner Kerrville New Folk Competition
  • twice voted Best Folk Act, Pittsburgh Music Awards
  • the only woman ever elected President of the Pittsburgh Musicians’ Union in its 108 year history
  • founding member, Local 1000, AFM


“She’s a person who lives the spirit of music in the sense of the best songwriters, not simply as an entertainer. She participates passionately and with great compassion in struggles for justice.”

-Peter Yarrow

“Anne is a political and cultural hell-raiser, a producer of good music, a singer of considerable talent, and a catalyst in the topical song movement.”

-Peggy Seeger

“[F]ine songwriting!”

-Pete Seeger

“I’m sure that any group, except perhaps groups who are trying to stop the ERA, would enjoy Anne.”

-Molly Yard

“The greatest labor singer in North America.”

-The Late, Great Utah Phillips



Pittsburgh City Paper article about War on the Workers tribute album: Tribute album honors the legacy and music of Pittsburgh’s Anne Feeney

“I had seen artists include politics in their show before,” says Anti-Flag frontman Justin Sane, “but Anne Feeney was the first artist I encountered whose set was unapologetically and ferociously political. That set had a major impact on me as an artist. I remember thinking to myself, ‘This is the kind of musician I want to be. This woman is punk as hell!’ And she still is!”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about War on the Workers tribute album: Musicians assemble for tribute to Anne Feeney

“Given all that Anne has done for me, I was honored to contribute a track to the album myself, collaborating with punk rock icons Anti-Flag.”

Huffington Post article about War on the Workers tribute album: Legendary musicians release benefit tribute album for renowned political folksinger Anne Feeney


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