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February 2016 - Anne Feeney's Fellow Travelers' Advisory - Volume 10, Number Seven


My inbox is flooded every day with urgent appeals for help - personal, local, national and international. There are so many people and animals suffering hideously from poverty, disease, climate change and war. That's the reason I find it so remarkable and humbling that you include me in your list of people worthy of your support.   From the bottom of my heart, many many thanks to:

Wayne L (MD), Alice C, Jimmy and Liz (NY), Kathleen O and Dave C.(CA), Terry B (FL), Dave H (UK), Bette and Drex (VT), Marty K (WI), Steve E (CA), Elmar D (CZ), David and Kathleen (WI), Amy N (CA), Emilie M. (WV), Lynn and Chuck (MA), Richard D, Steve H,, Sue D.(CA), Amy N. (PA), Mike Z. (MI), Matt M (WI), Susan S (PA), Wayne L, Robert S, Chris K, (BC), Dave and Katy E (MI), Brian N, Doug G (FL), David A, Clementi, Michael V, Karen McC (NY), Janet VF (WA), Ruth M (CA), Shelly & Tom (CA),Kay and Jim (NH), David M (CA), Don S (IN), Jeanne G (MA), Barbara L. (WA),  Martha C. and Jim R (WA), Susan N and Charlotte A (MA), Cynthia J (PA),Sal V (CA), Roberta S,(IN), Jay K, (VA), Dexter A. (NH), Jill F (CT), Margaret S (WI), Dixie M (FL), Bennet Z (NJ), Brian McW (CA), Peter R (MN), Martha L (NY), Eric S (CA), Marilyn A (OH), Ron K (NV), Gus and Joanne R (WI), Charlie K (MA), Lane P (OR), Danielle E (PA), Paul M (OR), Bill B and Joan J (MD), Sarah R (CA), Robert B (PA),, Art and Melanie McD (MA), Lou and Joan T (WA), Ceinwen K-S (PA), Jimmy O (PA), Carol S (CA), Gerald J and Kay J (MT), James Y (PA), Martina R (WI), The Seattle Labor Chorus (WA) , Christy M and Aodh Og (CA), Pat B (PA) If I missed thanking any of you, please let me know!

My February Wall of Fame honors the 75 generous spirits among my family, friends, followers, folkies and fellow travelers who answered the call last month. It's embarrassing to come to you hat in hand. I've worked pretty hard all my life.  The constant challenge to keep my head above water is wearying and demoralizing.

75 contributors represent one half of 1% of the people who received my request (I think Ben Carson has better numbers).  If you missed the message in the Nov/Dec/January Issue or if you forgot about it, it's definitely not too late!  I've gone through a ridiculous number of financial catastrophes lately (13,000 worth of plumbing repairs, $800 on my car, $1800 for hearing aids,  - none of which were in my folkie financial planning. I appreciate and need your help to keep going.  Please contribute whatever you can spare via Paypal, or by check to:

Anne Feeney
2240 Milligan Avenue
Pittsburgh  PA  15218

Ireland 2016

are you on the bus yet??

We still have four seats available for my glorious May 1-10 Irish Tour.  And, in addition, a single room has just become available!.  This tour will include an intimate look at the 1916 Easter Uprising that led to the independence of Ireland. We will spend three nights in Dublin, three nights in Clonakilty in County Cork and three nights in Ennistymon in County Clare. We'll visit the Michael Collins museum, the Aran Islands, Kilmainham Prison, an ancient stone circle, the Famine Museum - an unforgettable experience!  

One hundred thousand welcomes! has lots more details and our mighty concierge,  Vicky Belinoski, can answer all your questions.

30th Annual Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival

January 15-17, 2016
Singing and playing along at Western Workers

The 30th Annual Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival was held in Burlingame, CA. I love this festival - I've been there almost every year since 1991.  It's one of the highlights of my January every year. I fell in love at this festival in 1995.  I've met so many people there-Jon Fromer, Dave Winters, Julius Margolin, Faith Petric, Utah Phillips, Herbert Aptheker, Tim Sampson, George Fouke and many others who have joined the ancestors. So many good friends to see this year - Shelley Kessler, Nina Fendel, Alex and Harriet Bagwell, Eleanor Walden, Hali Hammer, Kendyll Stansbury, Francisco Herrera, Nancy Schimmel, Aileen Vance, Chris Bricker, Chris Chandler, Sal Ventura, Pat Winters, Bernie Gilbert, Jimmy Kelly, Susan Lewis, Janet Stecher, Jimmy Collier (unable to attend this year), the San Francisco Rockin' Solidarity Labor Chorus, the St Paul Labor Chorus, my fabulous Canadian singing sisters, Bread is Rising Poetry Collective, Liliana Herrera and so many more!! The Sunday night concert was unquestionably the best ever!

The People's Music Network 
for Songs of Freedom and Struggle
Albany, NY - January 29-31

PMN's Winter Gathering was in Albany, NY. This year I drove up with Sydelle Pearl - a woman who lives near me and had attended last summer's gathering.  We didn't meet until the morning of the 29th, as we packed the car, but we enjoyed each other's company immensely on the 7 hr. drives there and back.  A new friend!
Sydelle Pearl

The Friday night concert was breathtaking - the best one ever.


Two of a Kind with Two of a Kind

Some Family Pics

My Valentine from Sebby
No wonder that my husband wants me to come to Sweden.
He lives on the first floor of the house on the left.

My Valentine from Julie

Sebby's ready to push the button!