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March 2016 - Anne Feeney's Fellow Travelers' Advisory - Volume 10, Number Eight

Happy Spring to all of you - my friends, family, folkies and fellow travelers!
This is by far the mildest winter I can ever remember.  It's supposed to be seventy degrees on Sunday! My bulbs are out.  I'm gearing up for the Ireland trip - just around the corner ... and I hope you have come through this winter as well as I have.  I got a rude surprise on St Patrick's Day with vestibular neuritis and "jumpy eyes" (nystagmus). It was very much like a cartoon, but I wasn't laughing. A few tests, IV meds and an overnight stay at Shadyside Hospital (thanks, 5th floor nurses!) and I was pronounced good to go. That collapsed my hopes for getting the newsletter out in time for St. Patrick's Day, though.

I have taken a lot of flak from Hillary supporters since I announced my support for Bernie Sanders. If the convention fairly nominates Hillary as the Democratic Candidate for president, I will vote for her. But why would anyone pass up the chance to cast a primary vote for a fellow who wants to break up the banks, tax wall streeters, deliver expanded medicare to all,end mass incarceration, get public financing for elections and end the $$$ that buys elections and candidates,  provide free public education through grade sixteen in all public schools, reinvest in our infrastructure??  My heart, my time and my very limited money are with Bernie - as long as he's in, I'm all in with Bernie.

March Wall of Fame 

I am forever grateful to those of you who responded to my plea for financial support. You kept me from defaulting on my obligations.  It's finally beginning to sink in that my career choice will no longer support me.  My health can no longer tolerate my constant touring.  The pension I receive from the Musicians' Union is $295/month. I receive $790 from Social Security. My mortgage is $700/month. My utilities average $600.  Even when my two rental properties are occupied and generating $1750/month, the taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance eat up a huge portion of that income.  I've got a lot of good work coming up at the Tommy Douglas Center in Washington, DC in April. I've got the Ireland tour coming up.  I've got a very nice festival in Michigan in July... that is all that I've confirmed. My fundraising style is very similar to Bernie's -- lots of small donors.  There's a Paypal "DONATE" button on the right hand side of this page.  If you'd rather send a check, please send a most welcome check:

Anne Feeney
2240 Milligan Ave
Pittsburgh, PA  15218

This month's Twenty Wall of Famers: 

Dave H - UK; Janet A and Michael R - Oakland, CA; Nina F. - Piedmont, CA; Per Elis J. - Kopparberg, SV; Tom and Cookie D - Pittsburgh, PA; Ed D. - Seattle, WA; Pat H. and Sandy O;Virginia  F. - San Diego, CA; Janet, Judy and Carol W - San Diego, CA; Sue D. - Oakland, CA; John M and Deborah McK - Pittsburgh, PA; Bob and Barb I - Detroit, MI; Carol VH; Michael V, Janet T - Lexington, KY; Ruth F and Don W - Ontario; Dawn McD - Detroit,MI; Mary W- Seattle, WA; Ann F - Leverett, MA; Lee G - OKC, OK

I am so grateful for your help and support!

St Patrick's Day 
a video of "The Sick Note" 
re-enacted by Legos People
Thanks to Loretta Santejka for the link!

At this point I'm not completely sure, but I think my tour may be sold out.  If you still want to go with me this year, check with Vicki Belinoski and she'll do her best to accommodate you.

So Mick is on his way home and he passes by his friend Rory's farm.  Mick is horrified to see his old friend stark naked and wildly gesticulating - dancing and pumping his hips as he runs in circles around his tractor.

Mick leaps from his vehicle and runs toward his old friend.  "What are doing, Rory - have you lost your mind??"

Rory says, "Not at all, Mick. I'm doing as my doctor recommended. You see, my wife and I have been having troubles in the bedroom, and Dr. O'Hara suggested that I do something sexy to a tractor."  (Read it aloud if you don't get it.)

Oscars 2016

My son, Dan Berlin and his fabulous wife, Monique Murad took on the challenge to cook the 2016 Oscars dinner. I've been hosting these parties since 1999, and couldn't have been more delighted when my son  offered to carry on the tradition for the 88th annual Academy Awards.

The dinners began when my husband Julie slipped into the kitchen during the 70th Academy Awards and cooked a simple but elegant meal for me and my cousin Bill.  We shared it with him on the couch as we watched the Oscars. Over the years the event evolved into five course dinners for eight, then ten, then twelve - with each course keyed to one of the five best-picture nominees. The $1 admission fee collected from each guest went to whoever picked the most Oscar winners on the ballots handed out on arrival.

Eventually my husband created an amazing scoreboard with removable categories and contestants' names.When they expanded the category for best film for up to ten films I began assigning menu items to the many talented cooks among out attendees.. Some of  the dishes were very complex. For Michael Clayton, Briget Shields prepared a saganaki appetizer. This flaming Greek specialty was a tribute to the Volvo that exploded in the film.  Barbara Lebeau almost revolted when commissioned to make Richard Nixon out of pate for FROST.  The dinners became so popular and so overcrowded -- one year I served a ten course dinner to twenty six with our new electronic score board designed by Daniel McTiernan.
2009 Oscars Dinner Folks
Bill Feeney
Julie's re-usable scoreboard
Barbara Lebeau's 
Nixon pate for "FROST"

The 2016 Oscars Menu!!!

THE REVENANT - Revenant Bear Liver Pate (well, it was really duck), but the pastry surrounding it made up for the absence of bear liver - SUPER YUMMY!

MAD MAX - THE FURY - Mad Max's Mother's Milk Baked Brie in puff pastry

SPOTLIGHT - Mojitos served with flaming rum, creating the "Spotlight" (Benedicto's favorite)

BROOKLYN - Brooklyn brown bread

MARTIAN - Twice baked potatoes forced through a pastry bag, creating the canals which cover the red planet.

ROOM  - Mashed parsnips around the perimeter of a square serving dish filled with a variety of roasted mushROOMs.

THE BIG SHORT - our main event The Big Short Ribs.... mmm mmmm

STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON - Mac 'n Cheese  and Sauteed Greens.  requested by Sebastian and Nico.  Straight Out of Compton was one of my favorite films of 2015.

BRIDGE OF SPIES - Bridge of Pies - berry, banana cream, apple

So sorry, no pictures from our 2016 dinner -  our paparazzi fled to Ohio when they heard that Donald Trump might kick a dog .... I haven't seen any hard numbers, but it seems to me that 90% of the time when the media covers this campaign, (whether print, radio, video or online) the discussion focuses almost exclusively on Trump's latest antic.