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July 2013 - Anne Feeney's Fellow Travelers' Advisory - Volume Eight #12

Thanks so much for being part of my community of friends, family, fans, followers and fellow travelers.I'm looking forward to a fabulous summer and fall.  This is the place to get all my latest news.  Your information is never sold or exchanged and will be kept completely confidential by me, and of course, the NSA and the FBI.  

Power to the little people!!
Nicholas John Berlin - Born June 21, 2013

Today (July 31st) my son Dan, his wife wonderful Monique, my grandson Sebastian and my newborn grandson Nicholas, will head off to the west coast to spend a month with Monique's family in Pasadena. Then they will head off to Zimbabwe once again for two years. They've been here since July 19th and were joined on the 22nd by my daughter Amy - a very proud aunt. Her wonderful husband Mike arrived on the 27th 

It's been such a joy to have a lively house filled with my beloved family. But everyone leaves today :-(  My heart is aching.  Julie can't come here until October.

On August 16th I head out on the Summer of Solidarity Tour with an international delegation of about dozen activists and artists - going from town to town, state to state, struggle to struggle, picket line to rally.  We'll be comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable everywhere we go.  We hope to see you

Tour Schedule

August 17—Philadelphia
August 18—Pittsburgh
August 19—Detroit
August 20-21—Chicago
August 22—Madison
August 23—Minneapolis
August 24—Fargo, ND
August 26—Missoula, MT
August 28—Portland, OR
August 30—San Francisco, CA
September 1-2—Los Angeles
get the details at: 
Site is updated regularly
Additional tour dates of mine are at
including a great show on September 7 at the American Labor Museum in Haledon, NJ and (I hope) a September 6 or 8 show in New York or Brooklyn - stay tuned!


Ireland awaits us!!
My merry group of 21 travelers arrives in Ireland on or before September 29 when we set off on our adventures in the West of Ireland.  I'm so looking forward to this trip.  For those who have to stay behind.... mark your calendar now.  Save the last week in July and the first week of August to make sure you can come on my first Labor History Tour of Ireland.  
Some general information:
Early Arrivals:
The Bed and Breakfasts that will be hosting us are Ashgrove House and Sheila and Frank Tiernan's wonderful B and B, both located on the "Low Road" in Bunratty.  An easy walk from there to Durty Nelly's pub, to Bunratty Castle, to Bunratty Folk Park, and the shops at Bunratty. Cabs are also available.
Email Sheila at frashe @ to confirm your reservation  - Mention my name or Inishfree Tour in your subject line.
Dublin Visitors:
I can wholeheartedly recommend the Best Western Academy Plaza while in Dublin.  The rates are reasonable, the location ideal, the restaurant convivial, and the breakfasts delightful.  It's a stone's throw from the Temple Bar, the General Post Office, Clery's Department Store, the Hop on/Hop Off bus stop.  Review the many packages available on the website: Academy Plaza Hotel

Thanks to the generous support of Rosemary Trump, Shelley Kessler, Nina Fendel, Tommy Simonds, Karen Newman, Kimberly Sever, Ron Berlin, Jill Merrill, Lloyd Cunningham and others whom I can't find at this hour... I've committed myself to this Summer of Solidarity Tour... but I'm still $2000 short for my August bills, my hot water heater has been red-tagged by the gas company, my property taxes are due NOW... I know, we're all struggling...If you are weary of my financial woes, think about how humiliating it is for me to have to keep coming back to you. All of you super generous friends out there, please sit this one out.  You've done so much, too much, already.  I'll never be able to repay you.  But if you're someone who's doing okay, appreciates my work and would like to help me continue it, please send a check to:

Anne Feeney
2240 Milligan Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
or use Paypal by clicking the "Donate" button halfway down on my webpage -
If you can't afford any extra expenses, please disregard this appeal.  I'm so happy that you're on my list.
In grateful solidarity,

Earlier this month on the Almanac Trail with George Mann and Rik Palieri                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

with Walter Reuther
In Cleveland
In Detroit

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 see you next month...